Caoimhe Kilfeather & Aske Sigurd Kraul

Opening reception: September 7, 4-6pm

Exhibition period: September 7-28, 2019
Hours: Thursdays-Fridays 1-4pm, Saturdays 11-2pm

Shades of colour, shades of light. Shades that mark the passage of time. Shades of nature, shades of architecture. Shades of control.

This duo exhibition by Caoimhe Kilfeather (IE) and Aske Sigurd Kraul (DK) features new, site-responsive works that form literal and figurative shades spanning the interior and exterior of se! udstillings- og projektrum in Aarhus, Denmark.

Woven metal screens, which are folded in intricate pleats that echo patterns found in nature, filter the gallery’s natural light. A row of shallow water basins line the floor, each filled with a different concentration of dye. Chemical solutions will separate over the course of the exhibition, with the shades of each component becoming more distinct over time. Works formed through weather exposure and as allusions to functional elements of the building - rain paintings and a rotating brass sign inhabited by moss - can be understood as “shades” of natural and built environments. And more abstractly, each work carries a shade of the artistic process, a trace of the artists’ relationships with their materials as they negotiate between control and surrender.

About the Artists

Caoimhe Kilfeather studied at the National College of Art Design, Dublin and the Slade School of Fine Art, London. The work she makes is predominantly sculptural and often generated through experimental and intuitive processes in the studio alongside more targeted research and reading. The affect and experience of different materials, light conditions and scales is of great interest to her - both the context of being in architecture and the built environment as well as in landscape and the natural environment.

Aske Sigurd Kraul grounds his practice in material experimentation, exploring the formal properties and aesthetic potential of unorthodox materials. He often acts as a catalyst for materials to change on their own over time, and embraces the instability and uncertainty that is inherent in the kind of processes that grant materials agency. Each artwork is a living form undergoing visible and invisible processes as the materials interact with each other.

Guided Tour: Saturday, September 7, 5:30-7pm

As part of Aarhus Festuge, we will lead a guided tour of three independent exhibition spaces in Aarhus: se!rum, KH7 artspace, and Spanien 19C. Join us at se!rum to learn more about these exciting artist- and curator-run initiatives.

Curated by Sasha Rose Richter and Pamela Grombacher

Supported by Aarhus Kommune and Culture Ireland

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